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Feb 17, 2021

A unicorn. That is how she describes herself. Her body is adorned with unique tattoos and eclectic piercings. And while she is used to being prejudged for her appearance, Germany Inke is beginning to write her own story; giving people a view of the woman behind the ink.

Originally from Ohio, Germany Inke grew up in a single mother household. With a background in psychology, she is also a masters degree student.

The 41-year-old has a passion for many things that involve the mentoring of other people. “I am a mentor. I specialize in what I like to call entrepreneur guru,” she says.

Germany considers herself a mentor and not a coach she shares, because sometimes, individuals don’t respond properly. She has had the opportunity to work with many coaches, and appalled their talent but considers herself as a sister or family thus her slogan she says on her podcast “I am Germany Inke; your sister, Baby Mama, cousin, best friend, boo thang) and closes the statement with a kiss, just so everyone can feel the love.”

Germany wants to help business owners with low self-esteem have more confidence when it comes to their business. “My mission is to bring a message of positivity, health, and wealth to the forefront. I want to help people improve their self-esteem towards business because a lot of people are afraid of themselves. So I not only help them build their confidence but I teach them how to get their business going,” she says.

Some of the women she works with in her community are Venah Wilson, also known as Jemini June, who is a Coach and Executive Director with Total Life Changes, Independent Group Fitness Instructor, and Singer/Songwriter. There is also Evelyn Hill who is known to many as Eve. She is an advocate for those who were formerly incarcerated and seeking to find a new way of life by restoring the relationships that were broken due to their incarceration. She also works with Pinkylee Simone-Potts, an aspiring actress, comedian, and writer who is the owner and actress on the television series, Karen in The QC.

In addition to being a mentor for entrepreneurs, Germany is also a baker, crafting tasty and unique CBD infused treats with her signature brand, Dirty Desserts.

Germany is also a painter and author. She is currently working on releasing her first book in the near future.

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