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Dec 23, 2020

Simone Coleman of Nashville, TN is a pet sitter and a natural lover of animals. She is also someone who is best described as “the not so average girl next door”. Her vivacious personality and appeal compliment her personality, skills that assist her with operating her business, Petrospect Pet Sitting Services.
After a career with the NBA and working for the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat franchise’s by providing season ticket sales, Simone relocated back to Middle Tennessee. Soon her love for animals and pets in particular would play a huge role in her life.
With her business Petrospect, Simone specializes in caring for larger breed dogs and those that may have a sense of separation anxiety. Some of the services she offers are In Home – Boarding (at the pet sitter’s home), In Home – Daycare, Housesitting, Drop-in Visits, Dog Park Visits, Dog Walks, Pet Photography, and Urgent/ On Call Pet sitting.
Simone shares, "My clients pets provide me with a second dose of mental health therapy outside of my regular therapy sessions. I’m able to not only provide a service to my clients with exceptional pet care, but I provide myself with the service of unconditional love from pets, every single day. Pets who are dealing with separation anxiety are another reason I love what I do, because I’ve learned through my own mental health therapy that separation anxiety in pets is the exact same as loneliness in humans. I do this full time, which means I’m at home enough during the day to provide less loneliness for myself and my clients pets. Even more, as a mental health advocate, I understand and appreciate the value of the services I offer. I am a three time suicide attempt survivor, and most of my clients don’t even know that a day with their pet, is a day that I am less depressed, and is a day that I have less to zero suicidal ideation. It’s a win, win situation all the way around."
In the future, Simone hopes to continue providing a more boutique style of in-home pet care for years to come. Furthermore, she’s looking to implement a future endeavor that would incorporate pets in more lives of those with mental health issues. Contact Petrospect Pet Sitting Services today for all your pet sitting needs.
To learn more about Petrospect Pet Sitting Services, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  You may also contact them directly at 615-601-1751
If you are or know of anyone who may be contemplating suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  You may visit their website at
If you are or know of someone who is dealing with mental illness, please visit to learn more about available services that may help.
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