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Nov 18, 2020

According to Cory Walker, who is also affectionately known as Cory The Coach, the definition of a fulfilled life must include humility and service to others. He is an innovator and prides himself on being a daring risk taker.
He shares, “I have been first in a lot of things in my life, now I am learning to finish strong “My life’s works are about service and empowerment to many. There are a lot of people whom I have been fortunate enough to help realize their true potential and thrive both personally and in business.”
The Arkansas native, who also lived in Georgia and in Texas, has committed his life to service. Being firmly planted on a foundation of integrity, Cory describes himself as a man of his word who goes above and beyond to help people win. He is a believer, a loving husband, father, entertainer, and serial entrepreneur who does not mind telling you the truth.
Today, Cory is the owner and face of Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC. His company is a unique business solutions provider domiciled in Arkansas, providing services to small and medium size businesses nationwide.
“We are a one-stop solutions shop for making the right things happen and getting results that create opportunities for success.  Cory says.
Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC is well underway in its peak season of employee benefits enrollment. They are simultaneously targeting minority owned business for management consulting, employee development and training, beginning in early Spring of 2021
Cory believes a significant number of minority-owned/operated businesses stunt their growth because they are not prepared for growth. “Running a business entails more than just selling products and services. It entails operations management, excellent customer service, and quality control. A company’s management and staff must operate in tandem to achieve peak performance and perpetual success.” he says.
Some of the services offered by Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC are Professional Development and Leadership Training, Small Business Consulting, Voluntary Group Benefits, (Arkansas and Texas – Tennessee pending), access to Telemedicine, LegalShield Group Benefits and ID Shield Group Benefits (Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma), Certified Business and Life Coaching, Freight/LTL Management, Bookkeeping & Taxes (Arkansas only), Notary Public (Arkansas only), and COVID-19 Response (South Region, Midwest, East Coast).
For anything to be successful, authenticity and love must be involved. Cory has them both.
Cory offers some advice for others who may follow in his footsteps and are planning to start a business. “You must pray and believe. Determine who you are. Love who you are. Decide what you want to do and do it no matter how many times you have to start over.
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