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Apr 8, 2020

Brandon M. Frame is the founder of The Black Man Can. #theblackmancan

While attending Morehouse College he observed there was a need for mentorship for young boys of color attending middle school. He created a youth males mentorship group called, Voice. He led this group and fostered the educational growth of young boys of color while attending college. This group met once a week and focused on fostering and building positive self-identity of young men and boys of color.

Almost as if written destiny, Brandon’s life has always been on a path to be a leader and trailblazer for boys and men of color. Born and raised in Hartford, CT and the eldest to his five siblings, Brandon has a natural tendency to care and look out for others. After graduating Morehouse College, he began teaching and coaching at a private school in MA. There, he became a mentor to his students. Brandon realized he had an impact on the younger generation and became a male figure that young men looked up to.

Growing up most of his life without his father, he had to learn certain things about becoming a man on his own. One thing he learned was how common it is for other young men of color to be without their fathers. Brandon wanted to create a place for young men of color to express themselves and be able to see positive images of other males of color.

In 2010, Brandon created a blog called #theblackmancan to congratulate, educate, and inspire young boys and men of color. The blog set up a platform for boys and men of color to express themselves and share positive life stories. Using social media as a place for these young boys and men of color to have a voice and show the world positive images, this blog experienced tremendous growth over the next few years.

In 2013 Brandon decided to take this movement to the next level and wrote a guided journal entitled, Define Yourself: Redefine the World. The journal was used as a tool in his educational institute.

Since its inception, Brandon began to be recognized and awarded for his movement. Some of the notable awards include, the Boston Globe magazine cover, Jet magazine’s Men of Honor, BET Honors: Next in Class Awards, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. award from Morehouse College.

Throughout the decade he launched his own YouTube TV series “Building Minds Forever” which lasted for two years and hosted over 150 guests. He created 1000 T.I.E.S (Transforming Identities 2 Empower Society), and the Blackmancan Institute which is now called ‘Building a Better Brother’ Summit, which has experienced huge success with over 7,000 young men attending since its inception in 2013.

Brandon is the creative visionary for several innovative events and platforms which include, #FallingBlackinLove Power Couple Brunch, #BlackManWinningWednesdays featuring young boys of color recognizing successful men of color, and #BlackMenMondays.

This young man has a God given path to lead and pave the way for other boys and men of color to succeed and be seen as the kings they are made to be.

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