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Apr 22, 2020

For the gentleman who takes value and pride in having a good timepiece, this one is for you. Shanayla Sweat of Nashville, TN has launched a watch company that is quite unique but very brawn. A Few Wood Men.

Shanayla describes herself as a creative, technology advocate, world traveler, and consultant who is dedicated to serving others through training, education, and representation. She also happens to be the owner and creator of A Few Wood Men. Shanayla has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s in Human Resources and Management, is a Certified ScrumMaster in the technology spectrum.

A Few Wood Men is a wooden watch collection designed and created for Men of Distinction. It was created as a sounding board for black men who are striving to break down barriers, break curses, push boundaries, overcome strongholds, discover strength, come into self-love, and maintain peace while becoming fathers, husbands, leaders, commanders, and pillars within their community.

A Few Wood Men wants black men to remember that they are needed, wanted, are attractive, are desirable, and are worthy.

A Few Wood Men started as early as 2017.  A Few Wood Men provides wooden watches and accessories for men. Every watch contains a wooden element, hence the name A Few Wood Men. Their accessories are also unisex and, in most cases, compliment the wooden watches that accompany them.

Shanayla says her inspiration comes from the strong belief of being a lifelong learner and always having the opportunity to grow and expand.  Her goal is to have her products in retail stores, airports, and many wholesale locations. 

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