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Mar 30, 2020

In this episode we are very happy to have Sasha A. Ridley of Sasha A. Ridley Enterprises as our guest.

Sasha A. Ridley of Chesapeake, VA is a devoted mother, multifaceted business woman, purpose pusher, and creative thinker. She is also extremely empathetic.

Currently she operates as a certified Relationship Life Coach with Sasha A. Ridley Enterprises and Heart To Heart Consulting. Coach Sasha works with those who are looking to overcome debilitating fears in regards to vulnerability, communication and adversities that may limit one’s ability to establish personal and professional relationships. She is also a transformation speaker and author, and has published her first book, The Relational Mindset How to Heal and Build Healthy Relationships, which is a take action memoir.

Sasha has over eight years of management, customer relations, coaching, marketing, and development experience; skills that she utilizes to assist her with Heart to Heart Consulting.

Sasha began working as an Executive Assistant with a non profit organization. After two years there, she went on to work as an Telecommunications Officer with the area police department, a move that spanned four years. Due to a family illness, she terminated her employment with the police department and jumped into full-time entrepreneurship so that she would have more flexibility. Both opportunities played a role in helping her to launch Heart to Heart Consulting, and helped her with establishing client relationships.

Her desire to be a life coach had been a long time passion. She studied psychology at Virginia Union University and was always deeply intrigued by the cognitive development and thought process of a person and how it impacts behavior.

When the opportunity came to implement life coaching into her business, Sasha knew she had to be strategic and intentional about it.

She is also deeply inspired by watching others succeed despite the obstacles that are thrown at them.

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