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May 14, 2020

Some may wonder how one man finds time to run an outpatient counseling clinic five days a week and still manage to write, direct, and produce his own series of films and books, but Dr. Terrence Graham does it.

As the co-founder and owner of Graham, Moore & Clark LLC, Addiction, Behavioral and Biblical Counseling, Dr. Graham provides individual and group therapy for adolescents and adults from 12 years old to the elderly. Some of his services include providing clinical supervision at Level III residential homes, opioid treatment, and substance abuse assessments and treatment for the NC Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

He started his private practice counseling service in his hometown of Kenansville, NC in 2008. He debuted his practice with two other counselors who are based outside of North Carolina, but as the company grew, he decided to move forward on his own.

Dr. Graham holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Agency Counseling from NC A&T State University, and a doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Andersonville Theology Seminary. He says that psychology was a natural passion for him.
He was also a Wake County school-based mental health therapist for 13 years where he provided addiction and behavioral counseling for adolescents. He notes that therapy can also help address conflict resolutions, anger management, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, and more. Dr. Graham is also a licensed clinical addiction specialist, national certified addiction counselor, masters addiction counselor, distance credentialed counselor, substance abuse professional, certified bariatric treatment specialist, and clinical certified sex offender treatment specialist.
Dr. Graham is currently working on expanding his biblical counseling services by connecting with churches to be a liaison to promote mental health awareness and be a resource for pastors. Biblical counseling is the process in which the Bible is used to treat addictions, behaviors and mental health.
A longtime lover of drawing and creating, Dr. Graham initially dreamt up his film production company, 5Ft Productions as a third grader in Rose-Hill Magnolia Elementary School, in Duplin County, NC. Dr. Graham now uses his established film company to produce movies that can be used as teaching tools in his counseling practice. Each film produced is organized around a behavioral concept that he treats as a counselor.
5ft Productions is Dr. Graham’s multi-media production company that produces independent films, publishes books, video, music, and curriculum writing. The company’s body of work currently consists of five movies, three published books, an album and an anti-bullying curriculum manual.
To learn more about Graham, Moore & Clark LLC, please visit their office at:
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You may alos call them at 919-710-7332 
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