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Nov 30, 2023

Americans are among the most morbidly obese globally. Still, we spend more than any country per capita on weight loss gimmicks. Melody McClellan is a wife, mother, and former pharmaceutical sales rep, and eleven years ago, she would have never imagined herself helping others in physical health and wellness. Today, she can’t imagine doing anything else. As her clients call her, Coach Melody is an outstanding Health and Wellness transformation strategist with twenty-plus years of experience. “After years as a pharmaceutical sales rep, I realized there is a huge lack of education around nutrition and wellness,” Melody explained. “I saw the bags of medication growing, but nobody was actually getting better.”

In October 2013, Unwrap You was born. “I was at a turning point in my life. My kids were older, and I started to feel like I wanted to do something more with my life,” Melody shares. “I studied wellness and nutrition and started trying to show people that there was a better, long-term solution to a healthier way of life. When I started as ‘Coach Melody,’ I thought it was just about helping people lose weight. But I quickly learned that there is a lot more to this process. It’s about the individual’s mindset. You have to consider what people have been through, what mental baggage they may be carrying, and overall be willing to meet people where they are on their journey.”  

Melody was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved with her mother and brother to Los Angeles when she was about ten. The fitness and body image bug didn’t hit her until age sixteen. “I wasn’t the healthiest kid growing up. What I mean is I wasn’t into sports and athletics. I think it was around sixteen that I got into health and nutrition,” Melody admitted. “I started watching what I ate and changing some habits. When I saw the results, it motivated me to continue exploring what a healthier me looked like. Like most people, I tried different fad diets and meal plans. But that’s how things started for me.”

Coach Melody’s health and wellness platform has caught on in a big way. Five years ago, she left pharmaceutical sales and went full-time as a health and wellness coach. Make no mistake, this wasn’t just a good idea. Melody wanted to make sure she was adequately prepared to succeed at changing how people viewed their personal health and wellness.

“When I started, I wanted to be as informed as possible because you only have one chance to make a good impression. The last thing you want is to be uninformed about the root cause of the illnesses you are trying to prevent,” she shares. “As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you are well-trained on the latest drugs and their uses. Having that foundational knowledge of the different diseases a healthier lifestyle would be combating was helpful. When I started the business, I went back to school to get the certification in nutrition to complete the package.”'

When it’s all said and done, Coach Melody’s goal is to allow everyone to live better. “I pride myself on ensuring everyone has the most amazing experience! If you enjoy the experience, you will keep doing it. A healthy lifestyle increases productivity, makes you feel better, and improves mobility. It is not about a number on a scale. It’s about the nonverbals and the things that we sometimes don’t consider until we see those things change. For example, walking up a flight of steps without being out of breath, your clothes fit better, which builds confidence and improves your mood. I could go on and on because there are so many benefits to creating a healthier lifestyle.”

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