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Mar 6, 2022

New Orleans, LA native Nykisha Banks loves to dance.  Dancing has been in her blood since she was three years old.  She shares, “As a child, I was one of those kids who cried on stage.  That didn’t sit too well with my instructor, and my mother was told not to bring me back to participate until I was ready.”  That time didn’t come until she was age eight.  From there, Nykisha found her footing and continued to dance and flourish.  She has danced in many productions, all the way to high school.  After graduating, she worked with a dance company where she traveled, continued her training, performed, and ultimately became a dance instructor. 

Today, Nykisha owns In the Key of Dance Studio based in Conyers, GA.  She also has founded a nonprofit organization, In the Key of Dance Performing Arts Inc., and published a book, A Dancer’s Leap Into Accountability.  Her book details her 22 plus years as a dancer and dance instructor.  Nykisha teaches ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, and musical theater dance with her studio.  She also offers a thorough stretching and conditioning regime, starting at age three up to eighteen, and it’s available for some adult classes.  

Nykisha’s success as a dance instructor and business owner is rooted in her ability to connect.  She is very imaginative, loyal, and, most importantly, an effective communicator.  Her success in the small things translates to everyone else’s success, while her goal as a business owner is to be prepared for whatever the day may present.

Nykisha has always found a way to give back, and it made sense for her to launch her nonprofit.  In the Key of Dance Performing Arts Inc. sponsors children in need after a thorough interview process.  “I am committed to nurturing my community by providing art enrichment through dance.  With the nonprofit, our mission is to provide lifelong tools that will aid in building a disciplined lifestyle from a solid technical foundation.  There are many ways to reach our youth; we just happen to do it through dance,” she says. 

Nykisha says her inspiration comes from seeing her dancers grow as individuals.   “Seeing them no longer calling their parents feeling upset or wanting to give up because they felt like their teacher was too hard on them shows growth to me,” she shares.  

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