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Feb 26, 2022

Serreta Boson is the owner of Sarge’s Famous Pickles, a company based in Little Rock, AR founded on faith and a lot of hustle. Led by Serreta, she has taken a gourmet pickle recipe, a gift from her father, and turned it into a full-time business. Now, the word is out about how good her pickles really are. “I named the business Sarge’s Famous Pickles to honor my father. He is a Vietnam veteran, and all his buddies called him Sarge, so of course, the name just stuck,” she says. “We are a company built on faith, family, and community. Our faith is what holds us together and allows us to move in excellence. We always use products from our community and strive to represent our home state of Arkansas well.” 
Born in Benton, AR, the hustler ideology was embedded into her mind at an early age. Along with her siblings, she was taught how to make a business out of anything, from lemonade stands to fireworks, all from the steps of their front porch. She could probably sell you a pair of dirty socks; she states that she was just that good. Serreta recalls when her family was the only ones in her neighborhood that owned a VCR (video cassette recorder). They would charge kids around the neighborhood to watch movies on it; Fifty cents to watch a movie, plus twenty-five cents for drinks and snacks. Those were early indications that entrepreneurship would be a part of Serreta’s future.
Serreta’s journey has seen its share of ups and downs. Early on in life, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, and by 2010 the seizures associated with the disease started to worsen. Her doctors found a tumor on her brain, but it wasn’t cancerous. “That was a horrifying moment for me, but with the good news, I had to get out of here. I had stuff to do, kids to raise, and not time to be sick,” she says. Yet, by 2016 the seizures had become uncontrollable, and she was required to have brain surgery to alleviate the problem. Serreta was then told she could no longer work because of the attacks. This was a significant setback for someone raised to hustle, but Serreta still held onto her faith.
Serreta’s father, Sylvester Boson, who is the original chef behind these amazing pickles, told his daughter to come home for a while. He would teach her how to make his famous pickles during her stay. She always told him how he should make it a business, but he never got around to it. Things would change once she got her hands on his recipe. Once it was perfected, Serreta took the initiative of turning her father’s delicious pickles into a business. By December of 2018, Sarge’s Famous pickles came to life. By January 1st, 2019, everything skyrocketed for Serreta and Sarge’s Famous Pickles. 
This all happened in Nashville. She got her business license and trademark and went straight to work. She went to every barbeque, chicken, and fish restaurant, trying to sell her pickles. There were a few no’s along the way, and she became a little discouraged but still knew they were going to be a great success. Things changed when she made a stop in a bookstore. There, the owner tried one and became so amazed by her pickles that they bought a case from her, right on the spot, and began selling them in their store. That experience gave Serreta the fire she needed to keep going. 
Serreta’s main focus, other than making sure those pickles stay delicious, is to work towards her goal of owning her very own farm. “I want to watch pickles grow from a seed to the storehouse,” she shares. As for the future of Sarge’s Famous Pickles, Serreta didn’t want to share all her secrets but know this pickle lady has some big things coming."
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