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Jun 12, 2021

It all begins with having a genuine love and concern for others. By doing so, the purest form of God’s love is expressed and perpetuated. This accurately describes the life of Kocysha LaShaun.

Born and raised in West Helena, AR, Kocysha is the founder of Be Accelerated into Purpose, LLC. In this role, she serves as a Writing Coach, Editor, and Self-Publishing Consultant. She is also the overseer of Humbled by His Grace Ministries, a teaching and coaching ministry. She serves as a Teacher of Spiritual Growth and Development and a Spiritual Mindset Coach to help men overcome mental blocks that lead to feelings of frustration and defeat. Once these obstacles are conquered, Kocysha believes men are able to walk in their purpose with confidence, power, and humility.

Naturally, Kocysha is a writer. Like most writers, it began in the imaginative mind of a young girl, who possessed the ability to see beyond the realms of her reality. She hares, “As a little girl, I began writing in the form of poetry, more so as an outlet for frustration. I never expected to be an author. That happened as a result of a job loss when God began downloading messages to me for a book."

To date, Kocysha has authored three books.  Yet, innately she is an encourager, giver, and teacher. She is passionate about helping others rise out of their pits of darkness, while also addressing faulty belief systems and addictive behaviors. This helps them become unstuck so they can move forward in their purpose. This passion has extended into her writings, and as an author, she uses her platform to teach the importance of self-reflection and the love and grace of God.

Although it was God that saw her through different trials, she wouldn’t be the person she is today were it not for the testimonies of others.  When not writing, Kocysha can be found enjoying a simple life. Her hobbies are reading, listening to praise and worship music, and painting.

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