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Apr 25, 2021

Who is Pache Felton? She is a survivor, a student of life, a motivator, a high school dropout, and a resilient and powerful black woman.

On the day she was born her father was murdered. As a young adult, she endured the impact of not having a dad, as it left her feeling alone and abandoned. Witnessing the bond little girls and women had with their fathers was bittersweet for Pache.  She shares, "I always wondered what my relationship would have been like if I had a dad. However, I did not allow unwarranted feelings to influence my life. I was loved beyond measure and nurtured by strong, single women. My grandmother was the foundation of my family. When she transitioned, my foundation was gone, and I was lost. I was only 13 years old. I dropped out of school once I reached the tenth grade and headed down a destructive path.

Life would continue to happen for Pache. After becoming a single parent at the age of 19, her life shifted. She still did things that a typical 19-year-old would do; however, there was always a sense of her needing to get her life together. She shares, She pivoted at age 26 and took control of my educational realm. Today, she holds a M.S. in Organizational Leadership, M.A in Curriculum and Instruction, a B.A. in Psychology, and a M.S. pending in Educational Psychology.

Pache is also a business owner. Her company, My Insight Coaching stands on the motto, “Be the Best You!” My Insight Coaching was created as a safe haven for Pache’s clients, and its mission is to impact and inspire women, men, teens, and families who seek to improve themselves. Many of the areas that Pache focuses on are Building Self-Awareness, Building Self-Confidence, Improving Work Ethic, Becoming Self-Reliant, Gaining Perspective On Life, Maintaining A Positive Mindset, Discovering Passion and Purpose, Improving Personal Specific Skills, Gaining A Deeper Level Of Learning, Communicating More Effectively, Establishing And Taking Action Towards Achieving Goals, Learning How To Live With Pain And Sorrow, and Taking Responsibility and Accountability For Actions and Commitments.

She’s also the Co-founder of Harlem Girls Inc

My Insight Coaching is designed to assist all who seek to look at life through a different lens.  Pache hopes to create and provide opportunities for the less fortunate.  She knows firsthand what the consequences of growing up in an impoverished district is like, and where the required educational means are not provided. The kind of places where students are not heard, and teachers are imprudent about the student’s future.

In the future, Pache says she is looking forward to working in the field of psychology and contributing to research and theories that influence how people residing in inner cities are educated.  Her goal is to provide educational means to individuals by creating an atmosphere that is conducive for creativity and innovation. Her vision as a psychology practitioner-scholar is to work as a Program Development Specialist and collaborate with other practitioners, educators, and administrators. 

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