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Apr 18, 2021

Rhonda Crowder is no stranger to struggle. Throughout her life she has seen plenty of heartbreak, pain, and let down. But despite all the things she has gone through, Rhonda has managed to blossom and build herself up into a thriving entrepreneur and businesswoman. She has done this with the help of God, her family, and the encouragement of her children.
Rhonda is a 2004 graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, with a concentration in Public Relations.  Presently residing in Monroe, NC, the mother of two says her children are the biggest reason why she felt the need to push herself to be the woman that she is today.
She shares,  “My children are my why.  They’ve seen me broken, they’ve seen me in tears, and they’ve seen me in pain. There was once a moment in time where all I knew to do was cry, and my children were a witness to that. There was a time when I laid on my face and cried because I didn’t know what to say because I was so broken. I only knew the Lord’s Prayer, so I said that. My son was three and a half at the time, and he would lay beside me and kiss me."
As challenging as it was for Rhonda, she knew she had to preserve and endure. Though there were moments when she didn’t have the words to say, more less answers, she shares it was her faith that pulled her along and provided her with the strength to stand.
It was from her brokenness that Rhonda found a new outlook and meaning to her life. That’s where Broken To Life Ministries began.  Through brokenness God has allowed her to see herself, see connections, and what needed to be connected and what didn't.
Broken To Life Ministries has produced some great things for Rhonda. She has authored and published a book, Broken To Life, which she details her trials and triumphs through 14 chapters beginning with the onset of brokenness, and concluding with her being set free. She also serves as a motivational speaker, evangelist, and is a trusted ear to many.
More than anything, Rhonda hopes that through her life and experiences, others will find hope and push through their own set of challenges. She also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their calling if they genuinely want to be successful in life.
Currently Rhonda has started an educational consulting business, as well as a performing arts center called Power Moves Performing Arts Academy. Though currently not housed in a brick-and-mortar location, there are plans to do so. Through Power Moves Performing Arts Academy, Rhonda would like for kids to be able to come and learn about theater, and learn how to get to the next level, including college all while reaching for the stars.
Moving forward, Rhonda plans to share her ministry and programs with anyone who would like to be a part. In addition to many obligations and duties she already has, Rhonda is also a singer. She has been featured in major publications and on platforms such as iHeartRadio.
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