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Apr 5, 2021

One of the first steps to a new start, is to start from a clean plate.

Tasha Renee Ratcliffe of Indianapolis, IN is the owner of Heaven Scent Cleaning company. Launched in 2019, she offers various services that include Basic Cleaning, Covid-19 Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and Eco-Friendly Cleaning (using all-Natural Products). She also offers specials and discounts to her clients who are senior citizens.

Tasha is a daughter, sister, and friend to many.  She describes herself as an overcomer.  She is also a strong, and motivated woman who is a devout lover of God and willingly opens her heart to others.

Professionally, Tasha is the CEO of her company, as well as a Life Coach, Mentor, Community Leader, and Minister.

“From Trauma To Triumph. I say this often because it gives me so much motivation. No matter what I’ve gone through in life, I know I can make it because God has a plan for me,” she says.  “I strive to be my very best every day, even when obstacles hit home,” she says.

One of those such obstacles happened nearly two years ago with the passing of her late husband, Robert Lee Ratcliffe Jr.  Tasha’s circumstances changed the moment when she decided to go to grief therapy. Getting in a positive headspace blessed her and from that point, she knew it was time to start over.

Though that period of her life was difficult, Tasha found a new joy in life as a brand ambassador and CEO of several companies she launched. These are Heaven Scent Cleaning Company, the Be You Movement, Pressed Youth Center, and Legacy Boutique that is scheduled to launch in Spring of 2021.

The foundation of Heaven Scent Cleaning Company began from a Vision Book that Tasha and her late husband created.  Her business grew from small residential clients to large commercial and Small Business, and even religious arenas.

Being a business owner provides Tasha with many benefits including flexibility and the freedom to create new ideas. One of the most important ones is her ability to supply jobs for others. While her journey has been tough at times, and she has endured, she shares that has been worth it, "This is the is the blessing that God has given me, and I will not complain," she says.

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