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Dec 12, 2020

Reverend Odell Cleveland is an author that focuses his work both on the reader’s head and the reader’s heart. The three books he has authored or co-authored reflect chapters in his life that reveal lessons relevant both to individuals and to communities that are struggling with addressing social issues.

Each book draws upon his journey from tragedy to triumph stemming from the power of faith and hard work. the foundational rock of his work is his divorced single mother who suffered a massive stroke at the age of 25 and yet walked three miles with a wooden cane in her right hand and a long metal brace strapped to her leg to make sure Odell was not forced into a special-education class.

His most recent book, It’s My Turn Now, was written to answer the question “What will you do, when life tapes you on the shoulder and whispers, it’s your turn now? Using experiences gained through building Caregiver connect, Inc., he speaks to others in the “sandwich generation” with both an inspirational message and practical advice that addresses the family dynamics of caregiving, with the goal of helping families navigate the rough water of caring for their loved ones.

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