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Dec 5, 2020

Sunny Gravely Foushee is the co-founder and owner of The Artist Bloc, LLC was inspired by a visual artist who had an “artist block.” An artist block is the time period in which an artist’s creativity is stifled and it becomes difficult to create new ideas. The term “artist block” came from the concept “writer’s block.” The standard definition for “bloc” means “meeting of the minds,” which is the basis in which our establishment was founded and essentially our mission statement.

In addition to The Artist Bloc operating as a service-based art supply store, it is a coffee and wine bar, fine arts venue, and a networking space “where creative minds meet.” We strive to give the community quality local products. From our gourmet deli sandwiches, chili’s and soups to our array of local talent we have been creating quite a buzz in the Triad area.

The Artist Bloc’s vision is not just to be an art supply store, but also a space where people can share their intellectual, cultural, political and social beliefs. We hope to use and maintain this space as one in which the local community can come together to learn and participate in the various genres of art, while empowering local artist.  Owned and operated exclusively by artists, it is the only art supply store in the city that offers education and hands-on opportunities in an array of art mediums.
Founded by The Artist Bloc, LLC in 2015, TAB Arts Center is dedicated to using the arts as a vehicle for providing education, infusing culture and inspiring fun.  Our intergenerational programs are designed to empower artist and the community.  We aspire to make creative energy accessible to the masses by bringing art to the community.
TAB Arts Center Non Profit earned its 501(C) 3 status in 2016.  They partner with The Artist Bloc, LLC to bring quality art education, art therapy and overall awareness of the arts to the community.  Their goal is to engage all ages and socio- economic groups through culture and the arts.  

TAB Arts Center Non Profit  employs and collaborates with a variety of performing and visual artists.  They advocate for inclusion and diversity in the art community, and therefore do not discriminate based on race, gender, creed or sexuality.  TAB Arts Center is a place for learning, growing and creating.

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