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Oct 1, 2020

Soul food, entrepreneurship and community unity is a family endeavor for twin brothers, Anthony and Antwan Adams. Their desire to create something different and authentic was the catalyst that started 42 Fry.

The restaurant boasts a robust soul food and seafood menu consisting of their signature fish, chicken and shrimp recipes, paired with southern favorites like baked beans, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, collard greens and, a crowd pleaser, fire roasted corn-on-the-cob. Everything is made to order, and other options are available for patrons who are not seafood fans. Antwan shares that a customer favorite on the menu is the dinner platter combo, because it offers the most amount of food at a reasonable price.

Opened in February 2019 at 815 West Gate City Blvd, the owners of 42 Fry want to be known as the best seafood restaurant in the Triad. They note one of their greatest accomplishments includes opening day and seeing people continue to return.  Now, they have two locations, one in Greensboro, and a second one in Greenville, NC.

The name 42 Fry came to them after a prayer session in the early morning hours. The name signifies creating a place where people can gather, unite and be able to talk about anything. With a combination of seeking God’s help and having a concept that people will love not just now but also in the future, are what the twins say guides them in their business. “It’s been a learning process. But through prayer and faith, we have made it through those difficult times,” says Antwan.

The 42 Fry family is all about empowering people to build their own, by combining knowledge with work ethic. They both share they are appreciative of the people around them that could advise them on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of the food service industry. They say having perseverance was crucial for them in learning how to deal with vendors, how to purchase employee uniforms, electronics, machines, and furniture.

Born and raised in Greenville, NC, the brothers say their love of soul food and seafood is tied to fond memories of family and food. Both attended and graduated from East Carolina University and played for the college’s football team. “Greensboro is home to me now. And my wish is for everyone to experience 42 Fry,” says Antwan. “It’s like a family cookout every day at 42 Fry.”

“We’re trying to build a sustainable business. We’re working to make a difference and a positive community impact, while providing excellent customer service. If we do those things, I think everything will take care of itself,” says Antwan.


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