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Aug 25, 2020

Henry L. Caldwell III, of Dallas Texas is a businessman’s businessman. He and his team knows what it takes to grow your business.

He knows that first impressions make lasting impressions. With his dream team, CTO-Charles Gill and CMO-Michael Bailey, their combined knowledge of web design, telecommunication, marketing and customer service, they’ve created ProBizCa, an all-in-one Professional Business Card Digital Hub.

Finally the business card has moved into the 21st century. Today’s business card is tomorrow’s trash.

ProBizCa, short for Professional Business Card, is a digital business card that lists more than your name, address and phone number. Most importantly, it won’t end up in tomorrow’s trash. Delivered by your smartphone, the owner of a ProBizCa Digital Business Card, can deliver every facet of their business to a potential client’s cell phone. Conveniently, it does not require an app to download.

“A business card has a front and a back,” says Henry. “How can you communicate what you do on a two-by-three-and-one-half inch card? If your business card is your real estate, it’s insufficient. ProBizCa allows the business owner to showcase all of his or her products and services by QR code, text message or email.”

Henry, grew up in a family where owning your own business was second nature. He remembers helping his father when he was not quite a teenager, installing plastic slip covering on furniture. (Remember that? Yes, Henry is in his late fifties). It was ingrained in him that owning a business is not just selling something to someone, it’s developing a relationship with your customer and creating business alliances.

Caldwell hopes to inspire others to chase their passion. “You have to believe in yourself,” he states. “You have to have faith in yourself even when no one else will.”

The mantra he lives by is, “Laziness pays off now, but hard work pays off in the future.”


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