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Aug 25, 2021

A company is only as good as its leader. Without a great guide, the company or business can experience stagnant or depleted growth. Shawn M. Nicholson, a business leadership coach, helps other companies, small businesses, and individuals obtain the successful leadership they wish for. Ultimately, his coaching can provide inevitable prosperity for all who work with him.

Shawn is the founder of SMN Square Inc., located in Richmond, VA. It is a consulting/coaching business that helps executives of small companies, organizations, or non-profits find sustainability in their corporation by learning how to communicate effectively, with self-awareness of employees and directors, and teaching them sustainable habits that can grow their staff.  As a result, the seven-month program gives his clients a chance to rise within themselves and be better prepared for their customers.

“I’m a third-generation entrepreneur on both sides of my family, my maternal and paternal. I often tell people that I knew exactly what I wanted to do, even at the age of eight. I wanted to be a business owner.”

Shawn grew up watching his father and his father’s brother manage a business in construction. In that time, he watched as they led other employees and gave instructions that helped build the company. Although he did not choose his father’s business, he learned that you must care and provide great leadership among your peers to receive wealth and successive victory.

Shawn provides different pathways for individuals to take, like one-on-one coaching or team leadership activities. He also provides an assessment and stakeholder interviews that help determine the kind of leader you are and what needs to be worked on for the corporation at hand to stay above water. In light of this, the time and effort put into the transformation is not his only reason to help, but it’s Shawns’ drive to change institutions that keep him going.

His goals go beyond the vocational schools he has established in Richmond and Hampton, VA. There are plans soon to have another vocational leadership school internationally in Cape Town, South Africa. He hopes to expand himself way past the borders of America so other people may have the same opportunities for advancement.

SMN Square, Inc. extends its generosity outside of their clients. Shawn offers his expertise to colleges in his area like Stratford University and Virginia State University Reginald F. Lewis College of Business. VSU, a local historically black college, partners with Shawn to help bring the next generation of black entrepreneurs and great business leaders.

His other contributions are to the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College board in dual enrollment and the workforce. Soft skill training and participating in hiring events in similar manner are other ways Shawn and his company give back to those who sow into him.

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