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Jan 31, 2021

Gamal C. Williams

Becoming an author can be a massive undertaking but it is certainly worth the effort if you want to achieve creative fulfillment while touching the emotions, hearts, and minds of others through writing. Some people feel the unction more readily than others to express their emotions and thoughts openly while others may be more introverted with their emotions and thoughts and could quite possibly replaying scenes over in their mind. How creative is that? If you believe there’s a story inside of you then you should let it out.

Meet Gamal C. Williams, a native of Brooklyn, New York, a father of four, and a retired 20-year Naval Senior Chief Officer hailing from Hampton Rhodes, Virginia. On November 29, 2020 Gamal released his first novel entitled, Fin: A Story of Love and Hope.

 “First, let me explain how I came up with the name, Fin. Fin is actually short for Finely. One thing we do in the military is shorten last names. For example, my last name is Williams, but everybody calls me, Will. So, this whole thing started because of a dream I kept having. I had this same dream four or five times a week for about three or four weeks. In this dream I am working in a convenience store and as I’m taking the trash out in the back somebody comes in and tries to rob the store. The cops intervene and somehow, I accidently get shot. Each time I had this dream I would wake up in a panic. After a while I realized I was dreaming. Then finally one night I woke up at two o’clock in the morning and I grabbed my laptop and just started writing. I wrote the first ten or twelve pages of the book and sent it to my publisher, Sasha Ridley. After she read it, she encouraged me to finish this story. So, I started thinking if I’m going to finish this story then I am going to have to figure out how did this person get here, and how do I write this scene, so it was the dream that actually got me into writing. I never grew up saying I wanted to be an author, it was never anything like that. I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I started writing Fin. I loved it immediately. I enjoyed seeing the characters come to life. Every waking moment I had I would be thinking about this story.”
Fin: A Story of Love and Hope is a book that transcends nationalities and genders; it is relatable enough to spark the interest of everyone who reads it.
Though the book is fiction there are some elements of truth embedded in the fabric of the story line.
As a black male, Gamal understands the social anxieties and depressions that both pre-adolescent and post-teens experience. Some of his experiences can be found in Fin.
The book also shows the complexities of love on multiple levels. For instance, there is a romantic love between Fin and his girlfriend Cory; there is the love between his grandparents; and there is the love that father and son show one another.
Gamal shares, "When I was growing up on my way home from school me and my friends would stop at the library every day to do our homework then we would read for hours. To know that some young man will be able to go into the library and see a book that looks like him on the shelf and be able to resonate with the emotions going on in the book is so rewarding for me. If a young kid can see themselves in one of those characters, then I am happy. That’s a blessing right there. I just hope people would give it a chance and pick it up and enjoy it.”
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