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Jul 24, 2020

Kevin Thornton of Atlanta, GA is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. There he obtained a BS in Health Administration. He also has a Master’s in Organizational Psychology from Argosy University. Additionally he is a life coach, holistic health coach, author, indoor cycling instructor and internet radio personality, and someone who understands his life purpose; To inspire, educate and empower others to create the healthiest versions of themselves mind, body and spirit. Kevin uses his platforms to change the narrative of how society and the media portray black men. 

Kevin is the brains behind 1 on 1 Health Coaching (which offers 60 minute sessions of 1 on 1 coaching), 1 on 1 Life Coaching and Group Coaching. He also produces meal plans based on the assessment he conducts. He also offers (7, 14 and 30 day) Detox. He scares that Detoxing is a way to cleanse the body of toxins while allowing the body a chance to heal. Seven day detoxing is for someone looking to cleanse while losing a couple pounds. The 14 and 30 day detoxing is for people with medical conditions looking to create a change in their health.  He also offers Juice Plus, vegan capsules with fruits, veggie and berries. These capsules should be taken daily as a supplement, and this product will help you reach the goal along with eating a healthy diet.

Kevin began life coaching in 2013 after he was coached by Iylanla Vanzant and her team in 2011. During that process, he realized his life’s purpose and the need for men's coaching.  He became a health coach in 2015 after graduating from Integrated Institute of Nutrition. He was already a fitness instructor and I wanted to incorporate holistic health coaching into his program. He began detoxing as soon as he graduated from school, knowing that most people tend to have between five and 30 pounds of feces in their systems, and because he . Once his system was aligned, he started offering the product from Juice Plus.
Kevin says he is inspired mostly by his father Sam Thornton.  He says he played a big part in his journey in holistic health and personal development.  Growing up, he says his father has always been into holistic living so he planted the seed in me. Seeing him at 77 years old and in great health without taking any medication motivates Kevin daily to be his best self, and help others be their best self. 
Kevin credits Iylanla Vanzant with giving him clarity of his purpose and teaching him how to be the vessel to help black men and all people become their best self.
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