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Jun 5, 2020

Andrea Pitts of Nashville, TN is a burn survivor, community advocate, and very kind hearted person. She believes in the power of a simple smile and laughter from the heart, and thrives off making others smile with positivity and helping those who are less fortunate. These are all qualities that assist her with managing Scars Uncovered, a nonprofit organization she has been cultivating since 2014.

Scars Uncovered is an organization that encourages survivors to uncover their scars, and to be transparent and free.

At the age of 18 months old, Andrea was involved in a traumatic incident that left her with severe burns on approximately 30% of her body.  While in the kitchen and watching her mom as she cooked one day, she turned her back to get something out of the refrigerator.  In that quick second, she instinctively reached for the ladle she had been using on the stovetop, trying to imitate her. This caused a pot of scalding hot water and beans to spill over her.  In pain, Andrea was rushed to the hospital and began a recovery process that would greatly shape the rest of her life.
That ordeal is the reason why Andrea pushes so hard today. Scars Uncovered was founded November 2014 with an understanding of the journey that encompasses coping with a burn injury. What started as an idea for a walk for burn survivors has evolved into the creation of an entire nonprofit organization.
Scars Uncovered has assisted over 1,000 burn survivors. Their focus is to give comfort and support to burn survivors and their families. They provide resources that ease the burdens that often come with the tragedy of a burn injury. They also partner with burn units to deliver “Boxes of Love” care packages to recovering patients and/or family members. These are specialized care packages filled with necessities hand-picked with the needs of survivors and their families in mind. Each care package costs approximately ten dollars to produce, however Andrea says the impact is priceless. Currently, they are able to provide care packages to Vanderbilt University Regional Burn Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, OH, and the Regional Burn Center in Memphis, TN.
Andrea says "the very thing we try to hide is sometimes the very thing God uses to bless us, and others as well."
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